Strings & Stones
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Hi! I'm Mitch. A climber, freediver, engineer, son, brother, friend, lover, and a citizen of Earth. I also like taking photographs. As a wee boy I was passionate about the outdoors. Every spare moment was spent clinging to treetops, racing around in the dirt, and scraping knees while scrambling up rocks. Now as a slightly taller boy the activities haven't changed much. 

For the past six or so years I've explored Mother Nature's wilder environments through rock climbing and more recently with freediving. Through these sports I've lived some of my favourite memories and now my goal is to share a tiny slice of them with the hope that it will inspire people to pursue a life of rich adventure and respect the planet we inhabit. 

I've always been most inspired by images, films and stories of athletes and adventurers who push the envelope and I aspire to do the same. I believe my most evocative photos are from environments that push me mentally and physically. No easy shots! We are meant to coexist with nature and I love to capture people completely immersed in it. 

To keep updated with the journey, follow me on Instagram, @mitchsb or read about some of my adventures here